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    Singer Futura XL 400 Review

    Embroidery is a long-lasting fashion element. People used to embroider manually. But this century, with the development of technology, more and more people are using embroidery machines to embroidery patterns. Today we prepared a classic Singer Embroidery machine-Singer Futura XL-400 computerized embroidery and sewing machine. Singer Futura XL-400 is a basic-functional embroidery machine of Singer brand, suitable for beginners or home use. It has all the functions that an embroidery machine should have. Besides, as a computerized embroidery sewing machine, it has some more extra features. But many people still feel confused about this machine, so we prepared a detailed Singer Futura XL 400 review for you.   Basic parameters:…

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    Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine Review

    In this age, fashion updates faster and faster, but embroidery is always a popular element. Embroidery can make monotonous clothes look stylish and pretty; and also, embroidery can make a monotonous quilt refined. New magic is always given to fabrics by embroidery. In the past, people used to embroider manually; but in this century, with the development of technology, people began to use embroidery machines. Today, we’d like to introduce you to a trendy embroidery machine, PE500, from the Brother brand. PE500 is a budget-friendly, functional embroidery machine for beginners. Its pink body look makes it look beautiful and lovely, very suitable for elegant ladies and cute kids. And its…

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    Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine Review

    Generally, embroidery is one of the essential elements in people’s lives. Whether its clothes, sheets, bags, or whatever, embroidering often makes them more beautiful and unique. With this embroidery trend, the embroidery machine has quietly become popular. Many people want to have a small, home-friendly embroidery machine that makes it possible to embroider unique patterns at home. Well, I think you are lacking a machine like brother se400 embroidery and sewing machine. If you want to know more about it, read on! The SE400 is a very popular machine under the brother brand. It is lightweight and easy to store, suitable for home use; it is a basic embroidery machine…

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    Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Review

    Embroidery machines are often divided into embroidery only machines and embroidery and sewing machines. For beginners, using the combo machine from the beginning can be confusing. Moreover, compared to the combo machines, machines that specialize in embroidery often perform better in the field of embroidery. Therefore, today we prepare a review of brother pe770 embroidery only machine. If you are looking for a separate embroidery machine for home and beginners, don’t hesitate to read on, you will get more information about PE770, which will help you make a more reasonable choice when you purchase the embroidery machine. PE770 is a trendy machine of the brother brand, and its sales on…

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