SINGER Futura XL-550 Review

Since 1851, SINGER brand has been the representative of embroidery machine. From the first day they started to produce embroidery machines; they always adhere to the spirit of innovation and practicality. And as they have this enterprise spirit, they developed well and became the leader of the embroidery machine producing. If you buy a real SINGER embroidery machine, you will realize that the SINGER always provides the best embroidery machine. Additionally, SINGER is highly regarded for its excellent after-sales service and customer guidance. So today I prepare a review covering one of the best SINGER embroidery machines, Futura XL-550.

SINGER Futura XL-550 is a trendy embroidery machine producing by SINGER. As a person with many years of experience in sewing, I have positioned it as an embroidery and sewing machine suitable for home users or small business users. Because of the limitation of the article’s length, I’d like to explain the reasons in details below.

embroidery for beginners


Basic parameters:

  • Shipping Weight: 23pounds
  • Product dimensions: 22 x 9.5 x 13 inches
  • Item model number: SINGER Futura XL-550
  • Built-in stitches: 215
  • Built-in designs: 125
  • The number of built-in fonts: 5
  • The number of needles: 1
  • Maximum embroidery speed: 600 spm
  • Max embroidery area: 18.5”x 11”
  • PC connectivity
  • A 25-year limited warranty

Summary of review:

At first, I’d like to talk from its appearance, as it was the first impression this embroidery machine gave me. On the first day of picking the best embroidery machine, I was attracted by the look of the SINGER Futura XL-550. Maybe this is love at first sight. Unlike other embroidery devices, the port of this embroidery machine’s embroidery arm is round, which makes the whole machine look more agile and cute.

After that, I paid attention to its large sewing space which is one of the significant features of XL-550. With this feature, it is possible for users to sewing large projects like quilts. Additionally, it has two choices of embroidery hoops, 10” x 6″ and 4” x 4″, and you can choose one according to your own needs.

Then talk about the number of its built-in designs. SINGER XL-550 has 125 built-in embroidery designs and 215 built-in stitches, fulfilling most of the beginners and household users’ needs. However, if you want to make progress in the future, only the built-in designs will not work, you need more features to achieve more original design embroidery. There is no doubt that xl-550 has done this.

SINGER XL-550 has PC connection function, you can input more patterns you’re favorite via USB cable. Plus, you can also edit and customize your own designs on your computer.

By the way, like most of the home embroidery machine, xl-550’s body is also compact and small. You can put it everywhere with no pressure.

Thus, in my point, SINGER Futura XL-550 is an excellent embroidery and sewing machine. They can not only fulfill your daily needs of embroidering and sewing but give you a chance to make progress and achieve your own design dream.

Maybe now you have a general understanding of SINGER XL-550, more key features of it will be introduced to you in below.

Features of SINGER Futura XL-550:

In this part, I will introduce the significant features of SINGER Futura XL-550 to you in details.

Embroidery only machine & combo machine

SINGER Futura XL-550 is a combo machine with both embroidery and sewing. There is no need for you to buy an embroidery machine and a sewing machine at the same time. Just one device, you can achieve these two tasks, sewing, and embroidery. So it is cost-effective.

xl550 embroidery and sewing machine

Small body

As an embroidery machine designed for home use, the body of xl-550 is small and compact. With no worry, you can put it anywhere. When you don’t use it, it is easy to be stored, and you do not require a large cabinet to place it.

small body of embroidery and sewing machine

Built-in embroidery designs & Built-in stitches

SINGER Futura XL-550 has 215 built-in stitches and 125 built-in embroidery designs which include five fonts. It is very convenient for users to have such many built-in designs, as users can use them casually.

singer xl550 designs

Multi-Hoop Capability

SINGER Futura XL-550 has two hoop choices, 10” x 6″ and 4” x 4″. You can choose each of them according to your requirements. If you’re going to embroider or sewing on a large fabric, you can choose 10” x 6″ hoop size. However, if you want to decorate or sew on minor fabrics, I recommend you to select that smaller hoop size as it can make your works look more exquisite.

multi hoops

Extra-large sewing space

Unlike other combo machines, XL-550 has an extra-large sewing space. So although it is an all-in-one machine, it performs excellently in the sewing area. The arm length to the right of the needle is 210 mm, giving more space for users to sewing large projects like quilts.

speed control

Speed control

The max sewing speed of XL-550 is 600 spm. But you can always control your machine’s embroidery or sewing speed through the control slider which is on the side of XL-550.

xl550 speed control

PC connectivity

I always say that the precondition of judging an embroidery machine whether it can make progress in the future is if it has a computer or USB connectivity. Obviously, SINGER Futura XL-550 has both features. You can connect this machine via USB cable to your PC easily. And through your computer, you can achieve the selection and editing of your embroidery designs.

Besides, SINGER XL-550 has its own software, and it can accept many kinds of file formats, like FHE, XXX, JEF, and so on.

PC connectivity

Something you need to pay attention to:

Although we know there are a lot of advantages of SINGER Futura XL-550, we cannot deny that it still has some drawbacks. So let us see what we should pay attention to when we are selecting this embroidery machine.

Applicable people

In my view, this embroidery machine suits people who want to set up a small embroidery business or have some embroidering experience. I don’t recommend beginners to use this machine as it is really complicated at first. Especially when you want to embroider on several different fabrics, it will be difficult for you to handle. If you like this machine, you can buy it after you have some sewing or embroidering experience.

Pros and Cons:

Box content
  • LED work area
  • Swift smart threading system
  • Multi hoop capability
  • Affordable price
  • Compact body
  • A lot of built-in designs
  • Stability
  • Large surface
  • Large sewing space
  • A 25-year warranty
Box content
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • A little difficult to handle at first





Thus, SINGER Futura XL-550 embroidery and sewing machine is very suitable for home use or small home business. It is functional and compact. With it, your embroidery work will become more pretty and time-saving.


A video about the introduction of SINGER Futura XL-550.


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